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The Cognia Accreditation Renewal Stakeholder Feedback Surveys Are Now Available

Dear Parents,

The Cognia Accreditation Renewal Stakeholder Feedback Surveys are now available for DeKalb County School District (DCSD) stakeholders to provide their feedback.  The results of these surveys, along with other stakeholder artifacts will be used in the district’s accreditation renewal process.   

Family and Community Stakeholder Survey 

The Family and Community Stakeholder Survey is designed for Parents, Guardians, and Community Members of DeKalb County School District.  The survey is divided into three sections: a demographic section, a family/parent/guardian section, and a community member section.  One of the demographic questions asks the participant for their role in DCSD. The answer to that question determines which questions the parent/guardian/community member views. The survey is translated into fifteen different languages and takes approximately ten minutes to complete.